silver ear fungus and tomatoes 白きくらげとトマト

I love cooking, especially, fashionable food.  To me, it is like I am designing foods and I enjoy the creative process very much. 

One of the foods I made so far and many of my female friends have found attractive is this.
The white part is silver ear fungus or snow ear fungus which is commonly used in Chinese foods.  I think the shape looks like frills and they look cute and interesting.  Last fall, my Chinese friend told me about the benefits of silver fungus and then I did some research.  Then I found that it is said that eating silver ear fungus could boost our skin's ability to retain moisture.  Then I made this and the orange parts is vitamin-C rich persimmon. 

But persimmon is not in season now, therefore I made this today.
The red part is tomato and I heated the tomato in the process of my preparation.  It is said that lycopene which found in heated tomatoes is four times more bioavailable than in fresh tomatoes.  According to, Dr. Yoav Sharoni of Ben-Gurion University reported that oral lycopene had a protective effect against UV skin damage.  In Japan also, Mr. Akira Karasawa writes in his book, "Tomato dieting at night" published by Bunkasha, about the effect of eating tomatoes at night and benefits of lycopene for skin.
赤い部分はトマトで、つくる過程で加熱してあります。加熱したトマトに含まれるリコピンは、生のトマトの4倍になるとか。によると、Ben-Gurion University のDr. Yoav Sharoni がリコピンを食べることは紫外線によるダメージから肌を守る効果をもたらすと報告されたとのこと。日本でも「夜トマトダイエット」(唐沢明著 ぶんか社刊)で、夜トマトを食べる効能とリコピンの美白効果について書かれていますね。

Tonight I also made blue fish ceviche with tomatoes.  In the local green market, I can get very fresh fish from Montauk every Saturday morning!