Avocado Carbonara  アボカドのカルボナーラ

Have you ever eaten avocado carbonara?  I haven't, but I cooked it, and it was so delicious!  Even my teenage son said, "Good!  I like this!"  I am not carbonara fan and concerned for the high calorie due to the heavy cream, bacon, egg, and cheese altogether.  However, as for avocado carbonara, it seems that I don't have to worry about the calorie as much because there is no heavy cream and egg are included here.  Vitamin-E rich avocado is very important when you want to have younger looking skin.  I feel like I found a new way to use avocado! 

However, like the regular carbonara, I would get bored if I eat only this.  Fish and salad like this would be a nice combination with this pasta.  This fish is a sand shark which I got from the local green market the last Saturday.  For the salad, I used wide variety of food such as kale, tomatoes, beets, avocado, and walnuts and all of these have excellent beauty benefits.