Avocado Toast at Cafe Gitane カフェジタンのアボカドトースト

Today, I had a late lunch at Café Gitane in Nolita.  I chose this restaurant because I wanted to try their avocado toast.  The other day, my acquaintance, Mr. K posted a picture of the avocado toast in his Facebook.  I always thought that heated avocado does not taste so good, but Mr. K wrote that it was delicious and everyone in the café was ordering it.  As Vitamin E rich avocado is excellent for beauty food, I thought I should try it.  So, this is it!

On the seven grain small pieces of breads, mashed avocado tasted with lemon juice and olive oil are put, with  red chili flakes sprinkled.  It was certainly delicious, with the sour lemon and spicy chili!  I may want to try this at home as well.

I liked that they had iced hibiscus tea!  Hibiscus tea is also good for skin!  The waitress brought syrup but it was tasty without it.

The café is very retro and casual.  It has been always very popular.  They take cash only.

The sugar is imported from France.  The package is cute, too!

The exterior is like this.  In front of the restaurant, the Citi Bike parking racks are located.