Beauty Food Bento at the Yankee Stadium ヤンキースタジアムで美容食弁当

Today, since this morning, I was cooking chicken as I was preparing bento lunch boxes.  My friend, Ms. Megumi Shelley had an extra ticket for today's Yankees game and Hideki Matsui's retirement ceremony was held today also, therefore, I decided to go with her!  Megumi, thank you for having me!  Fast foods in stadium do not appeal to me and also they are quite expensive, therefore, I prepared lunch including one for Megumi.

So, these are the bento I prepared.  The banana bread I baked last night, chicken, red skin potato salad and salad with many different vegetables and fruits.

I bought the red skin potatoes in the local green market yesterday.  According to this article,, red skin potatoes are especially high in Vitamin B6.  That means that, like bananas, red skin potatoes improve metabolism and break down proteins.  About 10 years ago, I was doing a cooking class for 3 years and 3 months in my apartment when I was living in Manhattan.  This red skin potato salad was the first dish I did in my cooking class and this is totally my original recipe. 

I arrived in the Yankee Stadium!  The signs and images to show appreciation toward Hideki Matsui were here and there.

Matsui's retirement ceremony got started!  He entered on a golf cart. 

Matsui who wore a suit looked very happy!  Derek Jeter presented Matsui with a framed No.55 jersey from the Yankees.  The person who was holding a bouquet behind was Matsui's father.  His mother was there as well.  Thank you, Matsui!  We are very proud of you!

After the ceremony was done, it's lunch time!  Megumi enjoyed my lunch as well!

I was happy to be able to see Ichiro, too!

Megumi is a reporter for Tokyo FM and also a founder of Harlem2Nippon ( which introduces Harlem culture to Japan.  The site is filled with fun information about Harlem!  Please check it out!