Cantaloupe melon gazpacho メロンのガスパチョ

It's been so hot in NY this week!  For this weather, cold soup such as gazpacho is something I would like to have.  Tomato gazpacho would be the most authentic gazpacho, but I occasionally make gazpacho with a melon.  I had made gazpacho with honeydew melon before, but I happened to have a leftover of cantaloupe melon and I prepared gazpacho with it for lunch today.

It may look very simple, but I mix several different fruits and vegetable with cantaloupe here.  It was so refreshing!

For lunch, I also prepared salad with kale, avocado, and strawberry with walnuts topping as well as a piece of baguette with sliced cucumbers and prosciutto.  It was so yummy!  Now, before dinner, I will have the leftover of this gazpacho instead of having fruits!