Cardamom カルダモン

I love spices!  I use many different spices.  Cardamom is one of my favorite spices.  If you drink chai tea, you will find pale green oval shape one and that is cardamom.  This is my favorite chai tea.  It is from T Salon and it is called Black Masai Chai.  ( It used to be labeled as Chelsea Chai.) 
私はスパイスが大好き!いろいろなスパイスを使います。カルダモンは私の好きなスパイスの1つ。チャイティを飲む方でしたら、薄いグリーンの楕円形のような形をしたものがあるとおわかりでしょうが、それがカルダモンです。私のお気に入りのチャイティーはこれ。Tサロンのもので、Black Masai Chaiと呼ばれています。(以前はChelsea Chaiという名前が付けられていたものです。)

When I cook ethnic food with rice like the coconut milk curry with seafood and summer vegetables I introduced yesterday, I would like to put cardamom in the rice.  When I looked for cardamom in local super markets, I found it but I was surprised to see that it cost more than $14.00 for a small container!  I thought it could be less expensive if I go to the Indian town in East Village.  And I was right!  I got cardamom in a spice specialty store in East Village and it was only $3.75 for this amount!  I love this store.  They have many different spices, including spices I have never seen in other stores.  The price is good, too.  Saffron is usually expensive but in this store, saffron is also very affordable.  The name of the store is DUAL and the address is 91 1st Avenue. 
昨日ご紹介したシーフードと夏野菜のココナッツミルクカレーのような、ご飯つきのエスニック料理をつくるとき、私はご飯にカルダモンを入れたいな~と思います。うちの近所のスーパーマーケットでカルダモンを探したとき、あったんですが、小さな容器に入ったのが14ドル以上もしてビックリ!イーストビレッジのインド人街に行けばもっと安いだろうと思ったのですが、これが大正解!イーストビレッジのスパイス専門店で買ったこのカルダモン、この量でたった3ドル75セントでした!私はこの店大好き。たくさんのいろいろなスパイスがあって、他の店では見たことのないようなスパイスもいろいろあります。お値段も手頃。サフランは通常高いですが、この店ではサフランもとても買いやすい値段です。お店の名前はDUALで、住所は91 1st Avenueです。

One of the famous benefits we can get from cardamom is to freshen our breath.  But also, cardamom has beauty benefits such as detoxify and antioxidant.  And another benefit is aphrodisiac effect; It is said that it could increase sexual desire and sexual power.  I have been thinking of recipes which would increase pheromone and whenever I mention this to my female friends, they all say, "Oh, that's a great idea!!  Please do that!!!"  So I believe there is a strong demand for that in the market!  I try my best to develop the recipes!

Finally, I think the turmeric rice with cardamom can go with non-ethnic food, too.  Because the color is pretty, simple meat and vegetable dish or beans dish like these can become cheerful with this rice.

I here put the link about cardamom for your reference.