Chobani in Soho ソーホーのChobani

Today, I did not have time to eat lunch until 2:45. I was so hungry but I did not want to eat a full meal so that I can enjoy dinner little later.  Therefore, I stopped by a Chobani in Soho.  I love Greek yogurt!
When I stepped in to the store, this was the first thing which got my attention.
Avocado is one of the most important resources for vitamin E which has a potent antioxidant function, so I try to eat avocado often.  Mango is good too, but vitamin E found in a avocado is almost double compared to the one in a mango according to a chart about vitamin E.  Therefore, I ordered to add avocado to a combination of figs and walnuts.  This place is very convenient as we can eat in the store.

The figs were very sweet and the walnuts is one of foods I have been eating on regular basis for many years as it has alpha-linolenic acid more than many other foods.
After I finished eating, I returned the bowl and then got this coupon for the next time!  You can take a clean bowl to your home, if you want!  It's cool, isn't it?