Coconut Milk Curry with Seafood and Summer Vegetables シーフードと夏野菜のココナッツミルクカレー

Today, the temperature in NY is little lower than the last week.  Thank goodness!  In yesterday's green market, I was happy to see more varieties of eggplants!  And I bought some of these eggplants.

And then, I bought a colorful red bell pepper as well as yellow and green zucchinis.  The clean bright colors make me feel cheerful.

From the fish vendor, I bought clams, squids and sand shark.

And last night, I cooked coconut milk curry with clams, squids, eggplants, zucchinis, a bell pepper, as well as a tomato and an onion.  It was so delicious, thanks to the tasty clam juice!  Clam is iron-rich as well as Vitamin B12-rich.  In terms of bell pepper, a red bell pepper contains more Vitamin C than a green bell pepper, therefore, I try to have red bell peppers than green bell peppers.  Eggplant is one of the vegetables which contain good amount of polyphenol. 


The rice is turmeric rice with cardamom.  I have something I would like to talk about cardamom but I will save if for another time!

And regarding coconut milk, I read that it can be used as a hair treatment.  Therefore, I reserved some coconut milk for the purpose and used it this morning.  Result?  It is hard for me to tell the difference but according to the articles I read, coconut milk hair treatment will generate strong and shiny hair and also will accelerate the speed of growing hairs.  So, from now on, I will do coconut milk hair treatment every time when I use coconut milk for cooking, and hopefully, I will be able to tell you good news in the near future!

I here put the link about Vitamn B12 for your reference.