Lunch with my friends  お友達とランチ

Yesterday, my dear friend, AK invited me to her place for a lunch.  I prepared three dishes for AK and another guest, Ms. Hideko Colton.  One of the dishes is Yoshiko method fruit cocktail requested by AK; a different version of the one in my first post in this blog and is made of three different kinds of fruits and silver ear fungus.  I am setting them up before Hideko arrives!
The other two were black quinoa salad and zucchini bread.  The salad includes kale and other vegetables as well as fruits, cheese, and nuts.  Quinoa is very important food in my beauty food.  What I especially like about quinoa is that it has much lower carbohydrates and much higher protein and iron compared to other grains.  Since I learned that collagen is made of Vitamin C, iron, protein and Vitamin A, I have been trying to eat food which contains good amount of these.  The zucchini bread also includes fruit and nuts and I think the pretty green is suitable for nice lunch or brunch with guests.
Our lunch started with the fruit cocktail!  Eating fresh fruits before meal is important part of YOSHIKO METHOD DIET.  Enzymes contained in fresh fruits would help to digest the food we eat afterward.
ランチはフルーツカクテルでスタート!食事の前に生のフルーツを食べることは、 YOSHIKO METHOD DIETの重要な要素です。生のフルーツに含まれている酵素が、その後に食べる食べ物の消化を手助けしてくれるのです。
AK (left) and Hideko.  Beautiful ladies!  AK is a singer song writer and Hideko is a chef and she has been doing her cooking class. 

AK loves cooking as well and she made this lobster and avocado dish!  It was so yummy!
Hideko brought this chocolate cake made by her!  It was incredibly delicious!  Hideko regularly appears on TV and her blog can be accessed through