Ripe Banana 熟れたバナナ

Do you know that banana is the fruit which contains Vitamin B6 more than any other fruits?  The benefits of Vitamin B6 include improving our metabolism and breaking down proteins.  Ripe bananas with dark patches like these are known to have another benefit which is strengthening our immune system.  And ripe bananas are sweeter than regular bananas!

When I prepare juice or smoothie with ripe bananas, I don't put honey or anything to add sweetness because it is very sweet.  When I use ripe bananas for juice or smoothie, I especially like to mix them with kiwi and kale.

Also, I often bake a banana bread.  Although my son likes bananas, when he sees the black spots, he refuses to eat them, even if I say, "That's ok.  The inside is clean and it is nutritionally better and also sweeter than bananas with clean yellow skin!"  lol  So when bananas ripen, a banana bread is a good solution to me. 
バナナブレッドもよくつくります。私の息子はバナナが好きなのですが、黒い斑点が出てくると、私が「大丈夫だよ。中はきれいだし、栄養的にはこの方が皮がきれいなバナナよりいいんだし、甘いんだよ!」と言っても絶対受け付けません。苦笑 なので、バナナが熟してくると、私にとってはバナナブレッドがいい解決策になるんです。

I won't be surprised if a half of this goes into my son's stomach.  (sigh)  But I have another reason why I baked this banana bread tonight.  You will see that tomorrow!