Soba Salad そばサラダ

It's been hot again today!  For this hot weather, we want to avoid using gas stove and oven, and also want to prepare just one dish, don't we?  In that case, how about soba (buckwheat noodle) salad?  Soba has some good beauty benefits including rutin which has antioxidant properties as well as protein.  Also, I like that carbohydrate contained in soba is much lower than most grains!

This is my standard soba salad.  Carrots and shiso leaves are Vitamin A rich vegetables and Vitamin A is needed to make collagen.  The sauce contains Vitamin C rich lemon.

But today, I wanted to try something different and then prepared sesame dipping sauce on the side and add chicken breast.  Sesame is known to have many health and beauty benefits, and I am specially interested in sesame lignans which are known to enhance antioxidant activity of Vitamn E.  This was so yummy and I should try to have more sesame sauce from now on!