Green Vegetable Quiche 緑の野菜のキッシュ

Today, I had some leftover spinach and kale.  I also had broccoli rabe and parsley.  So, I used the four different green leafy vegetables to make a quiche.  I also used tofu, milk, heavy cream as well as white miso so that it would have rich taste without using bacon or anchovy.  I placed cheese on the top at the end of the preparation.  It had a very nice green color and it was delicious!  By the way, this was a crustless quiche. 
I chopped fresh green leafy vegetables by using food processor.
I bought broccoli rabe in the local green market yesterday.  It was $3.00 per a bunch.  According to this article, the benefits from broccoli rabe include "slows aging"!  Wow!  I need that!  The article also states, "Broccoli Rabe is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet."  I should try to eat this vegetable more than before!