Pumpkin, Chicken, Broccoli with Cream Sauce カボチャとチキンとブロッコリーのクリーム煮

The New York Fashion Week is finally over!  This season, I went to 62 shows and presentations as well as some other coverage.  I am still very exhausted, but I went to the local green market this morning!  It was 52 degree F this morning!  It was so cold!  Therefore, when I saw watermelons and pumpkins, I did not feel like I wanted watermelons and I bought a pumpkin which was labeled as Black Forest Squash. 
Pumpkins have lots of beauty benefits.  Pumpkins are rich in beta-carotene; in another word, they are rich in antioxidants.  They also contain lots of Vitamin E as well, therefore, we can expect powerful antioxidant effect from pumpkins!  As I am still very tired, I prepared one dish which would be good enough for me to feel full.  I cooked pumpkins with protein-rich chicken breast, Vitamin-C rich broccoli in cream sauce and then put chopped almonds on the top.  Almonds are rich in Vitamin-E as well.  During the Fashion Week, I slept only for four hours or so each night so my skin looks very tired.  I hope this dish would be helpful for my skin to recover!