Quinoa Salad キヌアのサラダ

When I want to cut carbohydrates yet I would get hungry if I have only salad, I usually add quinoa in salad.  I usually cook 1 cup of quinoa and store it in refrigerator.  That would last for a while and it has been very convenient.  Quinoa is known to be rich in protein, calcium, iron as well as fiber and low in fat, so I have been trying to have this often.  Because I can make many different kinds of salad with quinoa, I don't get tired with quinoa salad.  This is the salad I made two days ago.  I put roasted beets as well as tomato and avocado.  I usually put chopped walnuts or sliced almonds on the top. 
This is the quinoa salad I made last week and it included kale, chickpea, and grape in addition to tomato and avocado.
When I want to make a colorful salad, I put yellow bell pepper.  Yellow bell pepper contains more Vitamin C than green bell pepper.  I also use red bell pepper too, as red bell pepper contains more Vitamin C than yellow bell pepper. 

In the past winter, I put roasted Brussels sprouts and grape tomatoes, and this was so delicious, too!  I cannot wait that Brussels sprouts are coming in to season!

I here introduce the links about quinoa's nutrition I referred.