Tofu, Avocado, and Anchovy Quiche 豆腐とアボカドとアンチョビのキッシュ

I have been trying to establish a great recipe of quiche with tofu and avocado.  Tofu is rich in isoflavones and avocado is rich in Vitamin E, so this sounds very good for beauty, doesn't it?  I mixed broccoli one day, and I mixed tomato on the other day, but I was not satisfied with the results in terms of the look and the taste.  Today, I mainly used tofu and avocado besides cheese, milk, and a egg, and then I put some anchovy fillets on the top.  This was a great success!  I ate more than a half at once, but this was a crustless quiche, so I guess it was ok for me to eat this more than usual. 

Anchovies are known to contain omega-3 fatty acid, so we can expect beauty benefits from anchovies.  I think anchovies added a pleasant punchy taste in this quiche and I loved it!  But I understand that some people won't like anchovies, so I will keep on testing another way of making a quiche with tofu and avocado.