Bonito カツオ

This morning, the fish vendor in the local green market had bonitoes!  It is very unusual for them to carry bonitoes and bonitoes have beauty benefits so I bought a piece!  It was $12.99 per pound.  Bonitoes are rich in protein as well as Vitamin D.  Dr. R, my gynecologist told me to make sure that Vitamin D was included in the calcium supplements I have been taking, as Vitamin D is very important for women to have healthy bones.  Dr. R said that we can get Vitamin D from sun exposure but I would rather avoid sun exposure because I am concerned about spots on my skin.  Vitamin D is also known to be important to increase digestive power. 

I seared the bonito in a pan very briefly and then sliced them.  I wish I could have cut the fish better, but the taste was still great!  I prepared two different seasonings; the one kind had grated ginger and soy sauce, and the other one had chopped garlic, rosemary and extra virgin olive oil.  The both were so good!  I wish I have bought them more!  If the vendor has bonitoes next week again, I would look to buy more.
Regarding the ginger, I used this ginger which I bought in the green market this morning.  This ginger was sold as "baby ginger" but in Japan, it is called "ha-shouga" (it is literally translated to leaves ginger).  The sign said, "use root and leaves", so I asked the vendor how we could eat the leaves and she suggested me to use them for tea. 
So I prepared tea with some of the ginger and leaves.  I would normally add lemon and honey to ginger for a drink, but it was fine with just this ginger.
I here introduce some sites I learned about the nutritional facts about bonitoes.