Dual Specialty Store デュアル・スペシャリティーストア

Yesterday, I wrote about hemp seeds.  I wanted to add hemp seeds to an apple loaf when I saw this label, "delightful addition to cereal, salads and baked goods.  Hulled hemp seed is high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids."  According to this article,, hemp seed is one of the best Omega-3 foods.  Some of the benefits Omega-3 are moisturizing dry skin and reducing cellulite according to this article,!  Omega-3 is usually contained in fishes such as sardine, blue fish and mackerel but I don't always have an opportunity to eat fresh fishes, therefore, I thought it would be a good idea if I add hemp seeds to some food.
I bought this hemp seed in Dual Specialty Store in East Village.  This store is like a wonderland to me!  There are so many different curry powders, herbs, spices, as well as oils and many other foods!  I would not get bored even if I stay here for one hour. 
With the permission from the store, I took these pictures.

I asked the sales person what he would recommend for skin and the first thing I identified was bitter gourd!  They carry so many different herbs and spices yet the first thing he recommended was bitter gourd which are available in many other stores!  lol
He also recommended this.  He said it was like jerry but it was more than $16.00 so I did not buy this time.

Saffron which is normally expensive, is only $4.95 for 0.50 grams here.  There are many herbs and spices I am not familiar with but I would like to experiment in my cooking!