Lunch at New York Mama Salon ニューヨークママサロンでランチ

Today, there was a workshop about uterus healing as well as enzyme nutrition at New York Mama Salon which is led by Ms. Naoko Fitzgerald who is very powerful and active mother of two in New York.  I prepared light lunch for the participants of the workshop and also I attended the workshop.  I prepared kale salad with roasted beets and goat cheese, another salad with tomatoes, grapefruits, and avocados, and the finger food style green vegetable and tofu quiche.  I was very glad to hear that everyone said "delicious!" and "they look very pretty!"

Many vegetables and goat cheese are those I bought in the green market in Union Square yesterday.  It was crowded as usual.
I was going to use yam for the kale salad, but I did not see any yam yesterday. Instead, I thought these beets looked delicious so I bought a bunch.  When I cut it, the inside looked like candy cane and it was not totally red inside.

She is Naoko!  She has been organizing various activities for Japanese mothers in New York.  As Helloween is approaching, her salon was decorated with lots of Helloween goods.
She is Chizuko Mori who is Hydrotherm Therapist.  Chizuko talked about how important for women to heal uterus in order to have a happy life.  She later provided short hydrotherm massage and it was so relaxing!
She is Kiyoko Kitazawa who is Balance Beauty Advisor.  Kiyoko talked about enzyme nutrition as well as foods we should eat and we should not to be healthy.  As I have been trying to eat fresh fruits before each meal in order to utilize the power of enzyme, it was quite interesting.  Kiyoko later provided facial massage using a roller.  It was quite painful, but apparently that means that I need more detox!