2013 Christmas Breakfast and Dinner 2013年クリスマスの朝食とディナー

Christmas is over!  How was your Christmas?  I wish all of you had a great time yesterday.  Yesterday morning, I prepared Christmas styled open sandwich!  I prepared flat breads the night before and then stored them in freezer.  Yesterday morning, I placed kale, basil, tomato, avocado, mozzarella cheese, and pomegranate and then roasted it.  Basil is rich in vitamin A which is known to have antioxidant properties according to this article,
As for dinner, I cut the flat breads and then placed mashed avocado and pommegranate seeds on them as if they looked like a Christmas tree!  I mixed lemon juice and little bit of olive oil into the mashed acovado and these were good and fun!
Stuffed tomatoes added Christmas colors as well!
The main dish was roasted chicken and vegetables.  I put rosemary and sliced lemons in the stomach of the chicken.  Regarding the vegetables, I roasted purple carrots, purple onions, golden beets, and Brussels sprouts with rosemary.  According to this article,, purple vegetables and fruits have a pigment called anthocyanin which has an antioxidant power! 
メインディッシュはローストチキンとローストした野菜です。チキンのおなかには、ローズマリーとスライスしたレモンを入れました。野菜は、紫ニンジン、紫玉ねぎ、ゴールデンビーツ、芽キャベツをローズマリーと共にローストしました。こちらの記事 によりますと、パープルの野菜や果物は、アントシアニンという抗酸化パワーをもつ色素をもっているのです!