Sardines イワシ

Do you like sardines?  I love sardines!  Unfortunately, sardines are usually unavailable in my local stores, but yesterday, I had an opportunity to go to Daido, a Japanese grocery store in White Plains and they had sardines!  They were small but flesh, therefore I bought a package.
Then I cooked stuffed sardines last night.  The fillings included chopped garlic, onions, yellow zucchinis, green zucchinis, tomatoes, rosemary, basils, salt, pepper, and olive oil.  I added some bread crumbs and cheese so that the fillings stayed together.  After I finished roasting the stuffed sardines, I placed them on the dish together with chopped tomatoes, basils, and black olives.  Don't you think that it turned to be a very fancy dish?  The package of the 15 sardines cost $1.72! 
Sardines contain various nutrients including selenium, Omega-3 essential fatty acids, and protein.  According to this article,, selenium helps prevent oxidative stress by working together with a group of nutrients which include vitamin E and vitamin C!  Omega-3 essential fatty acids would be helpful for shinier and healthier hairs according to this article.!  Sardine also contains tryptophan which would help to have a good sleep.  I did have a good, long sleep last night!
イワシは、セレン、オメガ3必須脂肪酸、たんぱく質を含むさまざまな栄養素を含んでいます。こちらの記事 によりますと、セレンはビタミンEやビタミンCなどの栄養素と共にとることで、抗酸化の手助けになるとのこと!オメガ3必須脂肪酸は、 の記事によりますと、髪を艶やかで健康的にするのに役立ってくれるそうです!イワシはまた、良い睡眠を手助けしてくれるトリプトファンも含んでいます。確かに、私は昨晩、よく長く寝れました!