Pork with Mustard Sauce and Roasted Vegetables マスタードソースつきポークとローストベジタブル

It was cold today, too!  In such a cold weather, I wanted to eat a lot of roasted vegetables.  I roasted carrots, yams, onions first with generous amount of rosemary as well as salt, pepper, and olive oil.  The carrots were from the local green market and a yam was organic, therefore I roasted them without peeling the skins.  I later added Brussels sprouts and celeries.  When they were done, I mixed black olives and chopped parsley into them!  They look very pretty!  The carrots were particularly sweet, and I felt full as I included yams. 
I served these vegetables with pork chop with Dijon sauce.  Regarding this pork dish, I have been using this recipe, for many years.  This is one of my favorite pork dishes and I have been making this few times a year. 
このお野菜を、ディジョンソースつきのポークチョップに添えました。このポークのお料理は、こちらのレシピ をもう何年も前から使わせていただいています。私のお気に入りのポーク料理の1つで、年に数回はつくります。
The recipe suggests to place chops on a bed of sauce, but I think the sauce can be put on the top of the pork like this as well.
Pork is a great resource of Vitamin B-1, and Vitamin B-1 is known to help to break down carbohydrates and fats.  According to this article,, mustard can speed up one's metabolism.  It is also rich in antioxidants, and could stimulate hair growth!  According to this article., mustard oil which made from mustard seeds would be helpful for hair loss treatment.  This article says, "studies show that hair loss is caused by lack of zinc and selenium and mustard oil has high level of these two."  I have not seen mustard oil, but next time I see it, I may want to try it.
豚肉はビタミンB-1が豊富で、ビタミンB-1は糖質や脂質を分解する手助けをしてくれることで知られています。こちらの記事 によりますと、マスタードは新陳代謝を上げてくれるとか。抗酸化作用も豊富で、髪の毛の成長も促進してくれるとのことです!こちらの記事 によりますと、マスタードシードからつくられるマスタードオイルは抜け毛対策に役立つとか!「抜け毛は亜鉛とセレンの不足によって起こるという調査があり、マスタードオイルはこの2つが豊富」と書かれています。マスタードオイル、見たことないですが、今度見かけたら試してみようかしら。