Rosemary and Walnuts Bread ローズマリーと胡桃入りパン

This morning, it started snowing all of sudden.  In a short period of time, the local road became like this!
Although, I have been living in suburb for 10 years, I still don't have confidence in driving.  While I stayed at home, I decided to bake a bread which contained rosemary and walnuts.  I try to minimize to take carbohydrate in order to avoid gaining weight.  But I thought putting ingredients which had beauty benefits into carbohydrate may be a good idea.  I wanted to bake a bread with generous aroma of rosemary!  So, this is the bread I baked!
I used this recipe,, though I put more rosemary than it was suggested.  This was when the dough was raising.
レシピはこちら を使わせていただきましたが、ローズマリーは書いてあるよりももっと使いました。これは、パン生地が発酵して膨らんできたところです。
The sliced breads were like these.  It was sooooo delicious!!!  It was so tasty without putting anything, but it was also great to put olive oil on.  Both rosemary and olive oil are rich in Vitamin E and walnuts are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids as well as polyphenol; these all have antioxidant power!
I put a bunch of rosemary in olive oil, and then I used the oil not only for putting on the breads, but also for brushing the loaf pan.  My kitchen was filled with the aroma of rosemary and olive oil, and the taste of the bread was great and that made me very happy!  By the time the bread was baked, the snow has stopped.