Beauty Food at Ayumo's Lecture at BWCJAA ニューヨーク日系人会女性実業家の会でのAyumoさん講演会で美容食

January is the busiest month of the year for my work as a journalist and I have not been able to update my blog recently.  Awww....However, I would like to inform that I prepared my beauty food for Ayumo's lecture at BWCJAA (Business Women's Committee of Japanese American Association in the past Monday night!!  Ayumo is a makeup artist and what she has been doing is really unique!  Ayumo tells someone's fortune with one's face and put makeup to improve the fortune! 
1月はジャーナリストとしての仕事が1年で1番忙しい月で、なかなかブログを更新できていません。はあ~ でも今週月曜日、ニューヨーク日系人会女性実業家の会で開催されたAyumoさんの講演会で、私の美容食をご用意させていただいたことをお知らせさせていただきたいと思います!!Ayumoさんはメイクアップアーティストなのですが、彼女がやっていらしていることってとってもユニークなんです!Ayumoさんは顔相を占い、運勢を上げるメイクアップをしてくださるんですよ!
Ayumo told fortune and put makeup on a lady who modeled for her lecture.  I was able to listen to her only partially as I had to prepare food in the kitchen yet it was quite interesting!  Ayumo talked like a comedian and made audience laugh often!  I was surprised that she suggested to use different eyelash curlers for right and left!  The lady who modeled became really beautiful after Ayumo put makeup!  The lecture was quite successful!
Ayumoさんは講演のためにモデルになられた女性の運勢を占い、メイクをされました。わたしは キッチンでお食事を用意しないといけなかったので一部しか聞けませんでしたが、それでもかなり面白かったです !Ayumoさんはコメディアンのようにお話されて、皆さんよく笑っていらっしゃいました!彼女が右と左で異なるビューラーを使うようにとおっしゃっていらしたことには驚きました!そして、メイクが終わった後のモデルをされた女性、本当におきれいでしたよ!!講演会、大成功でした!
After the lecture, it's time for chatting and eating!  I prepared four dishes!
This is my bite-size quiches with green vegetables and tofu!  This became my signature!
This is kale salad with roasted sweet potatoes, avocados, pomegranates, grape tomatoes, goat cheese, and walnuts.
This is my another signature, the wild rice salad!
This is also my popular Indian spiced banana bread.  Many people said, "delicious!" and that made me really happy! 
Ayumo has published these books and she is looking to move to NY.  The next time when I see her, I want her to tell my fortune and teach me the makeup which will improve my fortune!!!