Beauty Event on March 5, 2014 2014年3月5日の美容イベント

The beauty event on March 5th in the Japanese American Association of New York was successfully done thanks to the organizers and attendees!  Thank you very much, everyone!  I participated as a beauty food chef and prepared food for the attendees. 
I prepared my signature quiche with three green vegetables, avocado, and tofu, wild rice salad, kale and quinoa salad, and apple loaf.  I put chickpea, avocado, grape tomato, and rosemary in the kale and quinoa salad, and people could add goat cheese if they liked.  Everyone said, "very delicious!"  The kale salad and apple loaf seemed to be particularly popular.  There was a lady who was surprised to learn how to eat row kale deliciously and she said, "It was worth for me to come here today just for leaning that."  Ms. Yukari Spadoni, the yoga teacher who also participated as a lecturer, asked me, "why is the kale salad so delicious?" with surprising voice!  I was also informed that a lady said that she relieved her constipation after she ate the apple loaf and she felt much better after so long!  The apple loaf contains goji berry, walnut, and raisin.  I made the apple loaf for the first time in few months, and I myself thought "delicious!" 
In addition to my food, the organizer provided amazake smoothies from Mykitchen in Brooklyn(  I was too bad that I did not take a picture of the smoothie!  That was named as "red carpet" and it contained raspberry, pomegranate, beets, apple juice, and ginger and the color was very nice ruby red.  It was sweet but I liked it!  It was perfectly matched to my beauty food!

The main lecturer was Mr. Katsuya Ayaki, the President of Cosme Proud (  I have used some of the Cosme Proud products and I particularly like the lotion and eye cream, though if I can afford more, I would like to try other products as well!
I am truly thankful to have this opportunity.  At the same time, I realized that I needed to practice my talk as a beauty food chef!  I will do better for the next time!