Deep-fried and Marinated Summer Vegetables 夏野菜の揚げ浸し

Hello, everyone!  How's your week?  I have been very busy this week due to the two cooking classes as well as lots of coverage as a fashion journalist.  When I'm tired, one of the foods I would like to have would be sour food.  I had various kinds of summer vegetables in my refrigerator.  Therefore, I prepared deep-fried and marinated summer vegetables for lunch today.
I used vitamin C-rich red bell peppers, eggplants which contain polyphenol, okras which are rich sources of dietary fiber, and radishes which are good for digestion.  I found the beautiful radishes in the local green market last Saturday.  I then ate some in raw, but the taste was too bitter to me!  But after I deep-fried them and marinated, they were delicious! 
I bough okras at the green market in the Union Square on Wednesday!  They were so fresh!
As for vinegar, I used Japanese black rice vinegar.  Black rice vinegar is rich in amino acid.  According to this article, amino acids are necessary for collagen production!  Therefore, I have been drinking the black rice vinegar in addition to use it for cooking!
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