YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class at New York Mama Salon NYママサロンでのYOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class

Hello, everyone!  Today, I report about my cooking class in July!  Thanks to warm support from my friends, I have lots of pictures.  Therefore, I first plan on reporting the classes in the New York Mama Salon.  The menus were cantaloupe gazpacho, hummus with parsley and rosemary and a couple of dishes with the hummus for a party, kale salad, and chicken cutlet with goat cheese and herbs.
On Sunday, it was a birthday of one of the participants, therefore I put a candle in one of the dishes to celebrate her birthday!  Thank you very much, Ellen to come to my cooking class on your birthday!
I put generous amount of parsley and some rosemary into the hummus!  People realized that the taste of homemade hummus was much better than ready-made hummus! 
These presentations with hummus and baguettes were well received!  Some people said that the baguette sandwiches are good for not only for a party but also for a picnic!
I used three different herbs for the chicken dishes!  Everyone was amazed that the chicken breasts were moist and tender!
For the kale salad, goat cheese are used for topping!
On Tuesday, all the participants came with their little children!
During the class and lunch time, kids are relaxed like these.  The cooking class where mothers could participate with her little children must be very convenient to mothers with little children!
The lady on the right is Naoko, who is the founder of the New York Mama Salon.  Thank you, Naoko for your kind cooperation and support to me all the time!  The lady on the left is Miwa, who attended for the Sunday class this time.  As Miwa has allergy to seafood and she told me that she could join on the Sunday class this time, I did a chicken dish!  Miwa said, "I have always wanted to participate for your class, and finally I was able to do it!" and that made me very happy!  If you are interested in my cooking class and if you have a specific request regarding food, please do not hesitate to ask me. 
By the way, I introduce my favorite tea which has beauty benefits at the end of the class.  This time, I wanted to serve iced tea because of the middle of summer.  The tea I served was "Tropical Crimson" from Physical GraffiTea in East Village.  I was recommended this tea from Ilana, the owner of the Physical GraffiTea, as it contains hibiscus, rosehips, mint, and lemongrass.  This tea was very well received, and some people mentioned, "I like it because it is not too sour, though hibiscus teas are usually sour."  If you are interested in, please check their website

8月のYOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Classは、25日(月)10時半~1時半に式部会(アッパーウエストサイド)で予定させていただいております。