Doria with Pumpkin カボチャのドリア

Hello, everyone!  Last Sunday, there was another vegetable I bought at the NY Nojo booth in the Japan Block Fair.  That was kabocha (Japanese pumpkin)!  It was $5.00!  Pumpkin is very rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E which are powerful antioxidants.  Pumpkin is also a very good source for vitamin A, C, as well as B-6!  Vitamin A helps to keep skin and mucous membranes healthy.  Vitamin C is necessary to produce collagen.  Vitamin B-6 assists metabolic regulation!  During the season of pumpkins, I would like to eat them as much as I can!
The last week, I made doria ( a Japanese dish which is similar to rice gratin) with this pumpkin.  I used minimum amount of rice, and also mixed sautéed onions and chicken thigh.  I roasted the pumpkins unpeeled.  This was quite delicious!
When I served to an individual plate, it looked like this.
Tonight, I still had a piece of pumpkin, so I made the doria again, but instead of chicken, I put boiled spinach!  Boiled spinach is also very rich in beta-carotene!  This was pretty delicious as well!

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