Hello, everyone!  How's your weekend?  I was very busy but there were many fun things happened.  Last night, I went to a newly opened Japanese restaurant, Izakaya in East Village.  It was opened on Friday!
He is Mr. Yudai Kanayama, the CEO of SHIAWASE FACTORY. Ltd which owns the restaurant!  He is only 23 years old!  I am so impressed with him!  He graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology last year, and joined a fashion company in New York right after his graduation.  But he then opened this restaurant with his partner who was an Italian food chef in Japan!  Three people who loved the chef's food in Japan invested for this restaurant!  Amazing!
They received flowers from the famous musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto!  Wonderful!
On the table, there was a packed tissue papers with coupon for a free drink on the next visit!  In Japan, we often receive free tissue papers with advertisement on the streets, but that is not happening in New York.  This is a great idea!
I tried many different foods and everything was delicious!  These are pickled vegetables.  This was very simple but very tasty!  I especially loved the pickled cauliflowers.  I was happy with the various vegetables picked available!
This was chicken namban (deep fried chicken with some seasonings).  They were sold out on the first day.  The creamy sauce was pretty good.
This beef dish with sauce was very delicious, too!  This was one of the "Today's specials" but I would love to have this again the next time I come.   It was good to have lots of onions as well!
The inside of the restaurant looks like this.  A good crowd for the second day!
The address is 326 East 6th street(1st and 2nd Ave) .  I would recommend for you to try this new restaurant!  Delicious, relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and good balance of vegetables and meat!
住所は326 East 6th street(1st and 2nd Ave)です。この新しいレストラン、なかなかお勧めです!美味しくて、リラックスしてフレンドリーな雰囲気、そして、お野菜とお肉のバランスがよくとれています!