Japanese Sweet Potato Salad with Apple リンゴ入りサツマイモのポテトサラダ

Hello, everyone!  Last Sunday, there was a Japan Block Fair in Upper West Side.  This is always very popular street fair, and so many people came on this day as usual. 
The NY Nojo had a booth and they were selling fresh Japanese vegetables!
I bought these sweet potatoes.  They were $5.00 for a pack of two.
I can't wait to cook them!  Japanese sweet potatoes contain a good amount of vitamin C, A, as well as potassium. Also, vitamin C in Japanese sweet potato is known not to be easily broken down by heat.  That's good!
I made potato salad with this.  I put Fuji apple as well as hard boiled egg and Japanese cucumber.  The skin on Japanese sweet potato is known to contain good amount of Vitamin C.  I bought the apple in the local green market, and I used both sweet potato and apple unpeeled.  For the seasoning, I used a little bit of curry powder.  This was really, really DELICIOUS!  I cannot wait to make and eat this again!

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