Hors d'oeuvre for a New Year's Eve Party ニューイヤーズイブパーティ用オードブル

Happy New Year!  2015 has started!  I will continue to evolve and grow, making my best on what I can do this year!  I would appreciate for your continuous warm support for my beauty foods!  Last night, I was invited to a New Years' Eve Party at my friend's residence, and I brought these hors d'oeuvres with roasted Brussels sprouts, roasted and marinated beets, mozzarella cheese, and dried cranberry.  People said, "delicious!" and "looks very pretty!"
Everyone was excited when the countdown was approaching!
The apartment was located near the Central Park and from there we watched the fireworks, signaling the beginning of the new year.  I wish your new year will be fulfilled with joy, happiness, love, and success!