Risotto with organic chicken and vegetables オーガニックのチキンと野菜入りリゾット

Hello, everyone!  How's your New Year's Day?  In Japan, we have traditional New Year's foods and I used make them for 20 years since I moved to New York in 1988.  I used to make ozouni, the traditional soup and 10 different dishes, but I stopped doing that for the last five to six years, as my family members who were born in America do not like many of them!  As a result, I prepared risotto with chicken and vegetables for dinner tonight.  Last year, I preferred organic foods more than ever!  Here, the chicken, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato, and carrot are all organic.  The chicken broth I used here was organic, too!  This was little bit creamy risotto with curry flavor!  It was good, and my family members were happy too!

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