Today's Dinner 今日のディナー

Hello, everyone!  Tonight, I prepared Japanese style dinner.  Everything was so delicious and that made me very happy!
The rice was my favorite black soybeans rice!  In Japan, we traditionally eat cooked sweet black soybeans to celebrate New Year.  I like them too, however, I try to minimize of using sugar for my cooking as sugar is considered to be very bad to skin.  Anthocyanins contained in black soybeans are known to be powerful antioxidants and also they are known to improve collagen.
The potatoes are called "satoimo" in Japan and they are typical potatoes Japanese people eat during winter.  I usually see them in either Japanese grocery stores or in China Town.  However, I found them in my local supermarket yesterday!  They were sold as "taro root eddo."  I was very happy and bought some.
It has been for a while that I cooked these potatoes, therefore I cooked in the traditional Japanese way, seasoning with sake, soy sauce, and little bit of sugar.  The satoimo or taro root contains potassium, and potassium is good for curing dry skin as well as new skin cell growth according to this article.  Then I should eat these more! 

And then, these are fried chickens with special sauce!  The sauce are mainly made of soy sauce, rice vinegar, minced ginger, garlic, and scallion.  These were really good!