Kale Salad with Black Rice 黒米入りケールのサラダ

Hello, everyone!  We had snow for a couple of hours today, however I realized that it was still bright around 5:00 p.m. and daylight hours are getting longer.  Spring is approaching little by little! 

When I stopped by Fairway Market in Chelsea the other day, I found "forbidden rice." 
It seemed interesting, so I bought some. According to this site, this was once eaten exclusively by the Emperors of China.  It is very rich in powerful antioxidant, anthocyanins as well as iron.  Then I should use this for my beauty foods!
Today, I prepared kale salad with this black rice.  I put vitamin E rich avocado and almonds, vitamin C rich tomatoes, pomegranates, and roasted sweet potatoes.  Pomegranates contain lots of vitamin C as well as polyphenol.  Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A which is important for healthy skin and membrane.  With this salad only, I got full and it was delicious!  This salad is also gluten free!
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