Finger Foods for HappyDoll Spring Cleaning Party ハッピードールの春のクリーニングパーティ用フィンガーフード

Hello, everyone!  Today was the HappyDoll Spring Cleaning Party, and I prepared four finger foods for the event!  They were purple potato and red lentil finger food, Spanish omelet with rosemary, Indian spiced banana bread, and zucchini bread.  Everyone said, "delicious!" and the plates got empty so fast!  Well, I made generous amount of the each food, and I was replenishing quite often!
This lady on the left is Ms. Nozomi Terao, the founder of HappyDoll.  Nozomi is a very energized, intelligent lady with a big warm heart!

This is a fun and wonderful charity event; this would be a good opportunity for you to clean up your closet and then if you see something you like, you could get them for free!  All the money you need to spend is $25.00 for the admission and that is tax deductible!  Regarding HappyDoll, please check here
These are some examples of the dolls.  Nozomi introduced the new version of the doll, and it looked very good!
There was a time when Ms. Mai Mukaida from Lalitpur explained how her skincare products made in Nepal have supported women who have been victimized for being sold in Nepal. 
These are what I got!  An All-Clad pan, two t-shirts, a set of eight toothbrushes, and a hair accessory!  I am so happy that everyone was very pleased with my foods and I brought these stuff to home!  Thank you, Nozomi! 
By the way, the eggs I used for today's foods were from Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in Tarry Town.  I bought them yesterday!  They are certainly different from regular eggs in supermarkets.
As it is getting warmer, seating area was set right outside of the gift shop!  It looked very comfortable!
The bouquets were available at the entrance of the gift shop.  They were very beautiful!
I saw pretty sheep and sheep dog, too!  It was a very nice day and that was very good!

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