YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class at NY Shikibukai NY式部会でYOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class

Hello, everyone.  I had my cooking class at NY Shikibukai yesterday.  Thank you very much for those who attended.  I introduced four Japanese dishes which would be very useful for summer.  Everything was very easy and something you could eat even when you lose your appetite due to the hot weather.  First, we did vegetables structured with a cercle and vinegar and miso sauce added.  I asked the each person to make the one which she is going to eat.  In the beginning, everyone seemed to be anxious, but we managed and everyone was so happy!  I was relieved to see that as well!  The sweet and sour taste of my vinegar and miso sauce was very well received!
Then, I introduced vegetable wrapped with pork and miso sauce added.  Ms. Rie Aoki who is the founder of NY Shikibukai helped me with the wrapping process!  I bought the meat at the Japan Premium Beef in NoHo. 
This is udon salad with pickled plum sauce.  Two ladies later informed me that they already made this last night!  Wow!  So quick!
This ginger spiced beef and water cress bowl was also popular!
The lunch time!  Ladies kept on talking!  It was fun!  After the lunch, I served soba tea!

This time, the dishes, bowls, tea cups, and chopstick rests were made by Ms. Ritsuko Moore who is a ceramic artist.  I received a nice request from her to use her works when I do Japanese food cooking class.  This collaboration was very well received, and some people bought her works or placed a personal order!  Her works can be viewed on her website or Facebook page
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