Skewered Balsamic Vinegar Marinated Watermelon with Organic Pineapple バルサミコ酢漬けのスイカとオーガニックパイナップルのピンチョス

Hello, everyone.  Summer is just about over and there are still so many summer foods I still want to enjoy!  Today, I made this finger food.  This is pretty simple, but it was delicious so I thought I'd introduce this to you.  I used a melon baller to carve out spheres of watermelon and then soaked them in balsamic vinegar.  Then, I skewered each one with a cubed pineapple.  That's all and its so good and refreshing! 
皆様、こんにちは。夏も終わりですね~ 私はまだまだエンジョイしたい夏の食べ物がたくさんあります!今日は、こちらのフィンガーフードをつくってみました。とってもシンプルなんですが、あまりに美味しかったので、紹介させてください。まず、スイカをくりぬき器で丸くくりぬき、それをバルサミコビネガーに漬けておきます。それから、1つ1つ四角く切ったパイナップルと一緒に楊枝にさします。それだけなんですが、とっても美味しくて、爽やかでした!
I bought the watermelon in local green market.  It was so sweet!  Watermelons contain lycopene which has powerful antioxidant action and good for skin.
I found the organic pineapple in a local supermarket yesterday!  It was little smaller than non-organic pineapple, and it was only $1.00 more expensive than non-organic one, therefore I bought it.  When I smelled the bottom of pineapples, I was able to tell the organic pineapple was much sweeter than the non-organic pineapple!  This was certainly sweet!  Pineapple is rich in vitamin C!

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Summer Vegetables with Cercle 夏野菜のセルクル仕立て

Hello, everyone.  Many different kinds of tomatoes have been available in green markets during summer.  I found this pretty petite tomatoes last Saturday, and wanted to make something which utilizes the pretty color and shape.  So, I roasted golden beets and eggplants, and layered them with mozzarella cheese and then placed the tomatoes on the top.  I also decorated young celery leaves.  As for the dressing, I mixed chopped lavender and basil.  The tomatoes made this dish look very pretty, and this was delicious, too!
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Dandelion Green Salad タンポポの葉っぱのサラダ

Hello, everyone.  I have been spending a lot of time for cleaning and organizing my home in August.  I would like to finish as much as I can by the time the New York Fashion Week starts!  As I am doing that, I thought about detoxing myself as well!  One food which is well known for detoxing is dandelion.  I bought dandelion greens, golden beets, peach, and corn in my local green market last Saturday, and made this salad yesterday.  Dandelion green has little bit bitter taste therefore, I think vegetable and fruits which have sweet taste would work well with dandelion greens.  I roasted peach and beet, and sprinkled chopped pistachio on the top.  This looked pretty, and the taste was good, too!
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Wild Rice Salad with Edamame 枝豆入りワイルドライスサラダ

Hello, everyone.  Tonight, I made wild rice salad for the first time in a long time.  According to this article, wild rice contains twice as much protein as brown rice and it is very rich in antioxidants.  Moreover, wild rice keeps your digestion smooth and helps lower cholesterol, and it contains Vitamin A, C, and E which are all good for skin as well.  I mixed edamame, celery leaves, mint leaves, parsley, lime, pistachio as well as purple onion and black olive.  In short, I used green and purple colors only and it turned out to be very pretty!
皆様、こんにちは。今晩、私は久しぶりにワイルドライスサラダをつくりました。こちらの記事によりますと、ワイルドライスは玄米の2倍のたんぱく質を含み、強い抗酸化作用があるとのこと。さらに、ワイルドライスは消化を助け、コレステロールを低くするのに役立ち、肌に良いビタミンA, C, Eも含んでいます。私は枝豆、セロリの葉っぱ、ミントの葉っぱ、パセリ、ライム、ピスタチオ、そして紫玉ねぎと黒オリーブを混ぜました。つまり、色はグリーンとパープルに限定したのですが、とってもきれいに仕上がりました!
I added vitamin E rich avocado on the side, as well as protein by blow fish which I bought in local green market yesterday!  This was delicious!

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Summer Party Food 夏のパーティ料理

Hello, everyone.  Last weekend, I prepared foods for a home party.  The person who placed the order was Ms. Kyoko Tokuhiro who is a stained glass artist in New York.  Kyoko has been to my cooking class for some time now and she became fond of my cooking!  I felt very blessed!  What I prepared were two different kinds of appetizers with prosciutto, eggplant caponata, ceviche, kale salad, and lime flavored squids which I prepared for grilling on the barbecue grill.  Regarding the eggplant caponata, I did necessary shopping in the farmer's market in Union Square the day before and cooked it on the night.  According to Kyoko, all of her guests enjoyed my food, and especially this caponata and squids were popular!
I placed chopped parsley on the capotana right before the delivery.  I stored this in the refrigerator and delivered it cold. 
This is ceviche.  I bought all the fish and vegetables in the local farmers market in the morning.  The corn was very sweet, and I am glad that I mixed corn here!
This is kale salad.  When I went to the farmers market in Union Square, I found yellow oyster mushrooms.  We do not see them very often, so I bought them and mixed in this kale salad.  The aroma from the yellow oyster mushroom was very nice!  Besides the mushrooms, the salad included tomato, roasted yam, and almond.  I brought goat cheese, and sprinkled the cheese on the top of the salad when I served. 
Here are some pictures Kyoko sent to me.  In the middle right is one of my appetizers with prosciutto.  Kyoko also prepared several dishes and they did barbecue as well.  Lots of delicious food! 
This is another appetizer with prosciutto, mozzarella cheese, and basil. 
Kyoko's house is decorated with beautiful stained glass here and there!  Her house is like a stained glass museum!  Let me introduce some of her works.

If you are interested in Kyoko's stained glass, please check her website or blog.  Kyoko teaches how to make stained glass items as well as creates by order. 

If you are interested my food for your private party, please contact me!

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Hors d'oeuvre with Belgian Endive for a Barbecue Party バーベキューパーティにエンダイブのオードブル

Hello, everyone.  Last Thursday night, I was invited to a barbecue party in a rooftop near the Hudson River!  There was a nice kitchen available, and I prepared hors d'oeuvre with Belgian endives.  The filling contained smoked trout, cucumber, ginger, lemon juice, salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, and mayonnaise.  This was very popular! 
These are all appetizers! 
We had the barbecue while viewing high-rise buildings! 
The weather was perfect!  This was a group of 25 Japanese women in New York!
The night view was very pretty, too!  I had a great time with everyone!

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Roasted Eggplants with Tomato 茄子のローストのトマト添え

Hello, everyone.  It is a season of eggplants!  I bought some eggplants in my local green market last Saturday, and I made this dish today.  While I was roasting eggplants, I cut tomato into cubes and marinated them with salt, black pepper, and balsamic vinegar.  I placed the roasted eggplants on the plate and put the tomatoes on the eggplants.  I added goat cheese and chopped basil. Making this was easy and delicious!  Eggplant skin is rich in anthocyanin which is an antioxidant property.  Tomato is rich in vitamin C as well as lycopene which is also an antioxidant property.  Goat cheese is relatively low in calories and fat, and is also rich in protein.  Goat cheese is also easier on the human digestive system according to this aritlce.  Basil is rich in vitamin A and beta carotene which is a powerful antioxidant property.  This dish looks pretty, too!
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YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class at Harrison Shikibukai ハリソン式部会でYOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class

Hello, everyone!  Today, I had my cooking class at Harrison Shikibukai.  Harrison is a town in Westchester, and Ms. Rumi Kasai O'Connor launched the Harrison Shikibukai this summer.  The kitchen was just renovated recently, and this was the first cooking class there!  I am very honored and appreciated.  The menu was authentic tomato gazpacho, hors d'oeuvre with Belgian endive, salpicon de marisco, and pasta.  Everything was well received!  Colorful vegetable gave us cheerful spirits!
Gazpacho is very easy!  All we have to do is to get high quality vegetables and put everything in the blender!  I bought all of the vegetables here in my local farmers market on Saturday morning.
The Belgian endives are organic, too!  They are little smaller than regular endive, but they had very bright and deep green color!
The participants are putting the stuffing on the Belgian endives.  As soon as everyone put this into their mouse, everyone said, "oh, this is so good!  I love this!" 
Live lobster always gives us mixed feelings of excitement as well as guilt.  We all appreciated and enjoyed the great taste.
The pasta is very easy to make and delicious!  This recipe is certainly helpful for busy people who love cooking!  Prosciutto and mozzarella cheese are included here, and I bought them in Alleva in Little Italy.  Their home made mozzarella cheese is my favorite mozzarella cheese in New York!
The tea after the lunch is my favorite hibiscus and rosehip tea from Physical Graffitea in East Village.  Everyone loves the tea as well!  Rumi said, "Everything you make is delicious.  Please do this again in fall."  Thank you very much, Rumi san.  That would be my pleasure!
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