YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class at Harrison Shikibukai ハリソン式部会でYOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class

Hello, everyone!  Today, I had my cooking class at Harrison Shikibukai.  Harrison is a town in Westchester, and Ms. Rumi Kasai O'Connor launched the Harrison Shikibukai this summer.  The kitchen was just renovated recently, and this was the first cooking class there!  I am very honored and appreciated.  The menu was authentic tomato gazpacho, hors d'oeuvre with Belgian endive, salpicon de marisco, and pasta.  Everything was well received!  Colorful vegetable gave us cheerful spirits!
Gazpacho is very easy!  All we have to do is to get high quality vegetables and put everything in the blender!  I bought all of the vegetables here in my local farmers market on Saturday morning.
The Belgian endives are organic, too!  They are little smaller than regular endive, but they had very bright and deep green color!
The participants are putting the stuffing on the Belgian endives.  As soon as everyone put this into their mouse, everyone said, "oh, this is so good!  I love this!" 
Live lobster always gives us mixed feelings of excitement as well as guilt.  We all appreciated and enjoyed the great taste.
The pasta is very easy to make and delicious!  This recipe is certainly helpful for busy people who love cooking!  Prosciutto and mozzarella cheese are included here, and I bought them in Alleva in Little Italy.  Their home made mozzarella cheese is my favorite mozzarella cheese in New York!
The tea after the lunch is my favorite hibiscus and rosehip tea from Physical Graffitea in East Village.  Everyone loves the tea as well!  Rumi said, "Everything you make is delicious.  Please do this again in fall."  Thank you very much, Rumi san.  That would be my pleasure!
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