Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad 芽キャベツのシーザーサラダ

Hello, everyone.  I recently made Caesar salad with Brussels sprouts which are very high in vitamin C.  It was absolutely delicious!  Instead of croutons, I put wheat berries.  According to this article, the carbohydrates in wheat berries are the very best kind, as they are completely unrefined.  These carbohydrates can help to prevent blood sugar problems because of the fiber they contain.  Therefore, I think replacing croutons to wheat berries would be a good choice!  In addition to that, I love the nutty taste as well as the crunchy texture!  I also put walnuts which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids as well as polyphenol and raisins which is said to help to prevent hair loss and greying of hair.  This was really delicious!  With this salad, I got full without eating a bread or pasta.
This is the wheat berries I used.  The name is different, but the name of "wheat berries" is stated in the back label.
こちらが私が使った小麦粒です。英語での名前が違いますが、裏側にはwheat berriesと表記されています。

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