Finger Foods for Msterio Fall Cleaning Party ミステリオの秋のクリーニングパーティ用フィンガーフード

Hello, everyone!  There was the Msterio Fall Cleaning Party on this past Sunday, and I prepared four different finger foods for the event, and everything was very popular!  This was formerly organized as "Happydoll Cleaning Party."  This is a fun and wonderful charity event; this would be a good opportunity for you to clean up your closet and then if you see something you like, you could get them for free!  All the money you need to spend is $25.00 for the admission and that is tax deductible!  Regarding Misterio, please check here
This was one of the foods I made.  Its finger food style carrot cake, and this contains carrot greens and gluten free!  There are many carrot cakes but we rarely see carrot cake which contains carrot greens as well!  This was very well received, and I think I can add little more carrot greens.
This is my classic quiche with three different kinds of leafy vegetables and tofu.  This time, I added a little bit of matcha!
This is a bite size gratin with three kinds of mushrooms and tofu.  This was very popular in the last year's fall cleaning party, therefore I made this again!
This was simple to make, but was very popular as well.  It is skewered mozzarella cheese, basil, and roasted and marinated beets.
As soon as I saw near empty plates, I quickly replenished them!
Many things were brought this time as well, and just about everything gone very quickly!
With Ms. Nozomi Terao, the founder of Msterio!  Nozomi san, thank you very much for the wonderful event again!  I am honored that you let me serve foods for your event again!
With friends who attended!  Everyone had a great time!
(These pictures were taken by Manami.)
These are what I got from the party!  For those who are in New York, please try to participate for the next cleaning party!
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