YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class in Brooklyn ブルックリンでYOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class

Hello, everyone.  I had my YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class in Brooklyn on this past Sunday.  Thank you so much for those who came!  The venue was very nice home of my dear friend, AK san who is singer songwriter!  Thank you very much, AK san for your very warm support!
皆様、こんにちは。この前の日曜日に、ブルックリンで YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class を開催いたしました。いらしてくださった方々、本当にありがとうございました!会場は私の大切な友人でシンガーソングライターのAKさんの素敵なお住まいです!AKさん、本当に温かいサポートをありがとうございました!
The table setting was done by AK san!  Beautiful!
This is the middle of the demonstration.  As AK san loves seafood, the menus were mainly seafood.  In addition to them, AK san loves figs, so I included them in our finger foods.  Everything can be made in a short time and fits well with the summer season.
She is AK san!  The dish we are holding is ceviche formed with cercle.  I made the ceviche with porgy, and then formed it with cercle so that it looks fancy! 
This is the ceviche formed with cercle.  Each person made the one he or she eats, and everyone did it so well!  The taste was very well received!
The yellow flowers were sold as bok choi flowers, but they look similar to broccoli rabe flowers.  Some edible flowers are now available in farmers market.
The main dish was bouillabaisse.  I developed a recipe which doesn't take too long to cook, yet it was still delicious!  Everyone was very impressed with the taste!  I also introduced vegan aioli sauce which we can put on bouillabaisse.  The sauce was very popular as well!
In addition to them, I introduced three appetizers which can be made easily. 
The lunch time starts! Everyone had a great time with lots of fun conversation and laughs! 

Thank you again, AK san for your kind help and support!
Thank you again for everyone who participated!  I hope these foods will bring fun and happiness to your summer table!
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