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Hello, everyone!  I had my social dining, YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Kitchen last night.  Thank you very much for those who came!  The theme for April was "Spring Color Vegetarian Food".  I prepared pretty color foods inspired from flowers in spring.  The starter was cold soup which was mainly made of yellow tomatoes.  I added yellow bell pepper, onion, and green apple as well.  The seasoning I used for this was pink Himalayan salt only!  The high quality vegetables created the taste.
皆様、こんにちは!昨晩、私のお食事会、YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Kitchenを開催致しました。参加してくださった皆様、ありがとうございました!4月のテーマは「春色のベジタリアン」です。春の花にインスパイアされたきれいなお料理をご用意しました。まずは、黄色のトマトがメインの冷たいスープです。黄色のピーマン、玉ねぎ、青リンゴも入っています。味付けはピンクヒマラヤンソルトのみ!あとは品質のいい野菜が味を出してくれます。
I bought most of the vegetables in farmers market.  The yellow tomatoes looked so delicious, don't they?  It is not inexpensive but I am glad I bought these.
The topping for the soup were boiled and chopped broccoli, chopped pistachio, two different kinds of micro green, and olive oil.

The second dish was skewed strawberry and fig.  Between the strawberry and fig, I put mascarpone cheese.  This was so delicious!  They also look very cute, too!
The dark color sauce was balsamic graze.  I have been using this.  It is very convenient!
The third dish was beets and mini tomato salad.  I added chopped walnuts and goat cheese as well.  The leaf vegetables underneath of the beets and tomato were also very fresh, and I felt the vitality.
I then served red lentil and bell pepper salad.  Everyone loved the crunchy texture of the red lentil.  I used red, yellow, and orange bell peppers.  I added chopped celery and mint as well.
This is open sandwich with flat bread.  I baked the flat bread and then put kale, tomato, rosemary, mozzarella cheese, and edible flowers.
The last one was sake kasu (lees left over from sake production) gratin with mushrooms and leek.  My sake kasu gratin is so popular!  I used oyster mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms.  The combination of sake kasu and mushrooms are so good!  I added goat cheese as well as edible yellow flowers ( I forgot the name in English displayed in the farmers market.) .  This was very popular again this time!
One of the participants brought yokan (thick, jellied Japanese sweets made of mainly red beans) which she got in Japan, and we had them as dessert.  This was very delicious, too!
Thank you very much again for all who came!  It was very heart-warming night!

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