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Hello, everyone!  I had my YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Class yesterday.  Thank you very much for those who attended!  The theme was Spanish foods!  The main dish was, of course, paella!  Someone who has been to Spain said, "This is more delicious than the paella I had in Spain!"  My paella was so popular, and that made me very happy! 
皆様、こんにちは!昨日、私のお料理教室、 YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Classを開催いたしました。参加してくださった皆様、ありがとうございました!テーマはスペイン料理!メインはもちろん、パエリアです!スペインにいらしたことのある方が、「スペインで食べたパエリアより美味しい!」とおっしゃってくださいました!大好評で嬉しかったです!
I put squid, shrimp, chicken, clam, and mussel.  Head-on shrimp works best for paella to produce flavor, but most of the shrimp available in New York are headless.  I bought these head-on shrimp in China Town.  I bought the other seafood in the farmers market in Union Square.
Another dish everyone was looking for very much was tenderly boiled octopus.  This is the octopus  after I boiled it.  I bought this octopus in Whole Foods Market.  We can purchase from one leg there. 
皆さんがとっても楽しみにしていらしたもう1つのお料理は、タコの柔らか煮。これが茹でた後のタコです。 タコはホールフーズマーケットで買いました。そこでは、脚1本から買えるのです。
People realized how the octopus was tender, just by observing when I was cutting it.
I added olive oil, and then served this.  Everyone was amazed with the tenderness!
I also introduced gazpacho.  The method was what I learned from my Spanish friend more than 20 years ago.  It is a standard tomato gazpacho.  This is easy and would be good for summer!
I also introduced my favorite ajillo.  I put whole garlic clove, chorizo, shiitake mushroom, crimini mushroom, and broccoli.  Everyone loved the chorizo!  This is the "traditionla chorizo" from despana.  Mushrooms were from the farmers market in Union Square and the broccoli was organic one in the Whole Foods Market.
The ice tea I served was very popular, too!  That was "beauty skin tonic" in Physical Graffitea in East Village.  Hibiscus, rose hip, three different kinds of berry were in it.  Everyone was seriously taking notes, and enjoyed the conversation during the lunch.  We had great time together!
Today is Mother's Day!  I hope all of the moms in the world have a great day today!

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