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Hello, everyone.  Yesterday, I had my social dining, YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Kitchen in NY Mama Salon organized by my friend, Naoko san.  It was lunch and it was a good opportunity for people who prefer daytime to night out.  Thank you very much for everyone who attended!  The lunch was started with skewed strawberry and fig.  Everyone expressed that they were cute as I brought them to the table.  The combination with mascarpone cheese and balsamic graze was very well accepted!
皆様、こんにちは。昨日、お友達の直子さんが主宰されているNYママサロンで、私のお食事会、YOSHIKOlicious Beauty Kitchenを開催させていただきました。ランチでしたので、夜出かけるよりも昼間の方がいい方々にとってよい機会となりました。参加してくださった皆様、ありがとうございました!まずは、イチゴとイチジクのピンチョスでスタート。テーブルに出した時、皆さんから「可愛い!」の声があがりました。マスカルポーネチーズと煮詰めたバルサミコビネガーの組み合わせが好評でした!
The second dish was kale salad.  The kale, mushroom, and heirloom tomato were from the farmers market in Union Square during the morning.  I also added avocado, almond, and goat cheese.
I also baked apple loaf with some goji berries.  This was very popular as well!
Everyone loved this squid and tomato salad!  I also bought the squid, tomato, and cilantro in the farmers market in Union Square in the morning. 
The last dish was home made oil sardines.  The sardines were dressed up by adding tomato, black olives, and chopped parsley.  This was very popular as well.  I bought the sardines in Whole Foods Market.  One of the participants had her birthday a day before, and I bought a raspberry tart to celebrate her birthday together with everyone.  It was a surprise to her, and she was very pleased with that.
Even after we finished eating, we kept on chatting.  The flyer is Ms. Asako Tamura, who is the Opera Singer's upcoming concert in Japan.  That is going to be at 7:00 p.m. on July 6th in Kioi Hall in Tokyo.  Please check it out!
Thank you very much again for Naoko san and everyone who came.  It was a nice lunch gathering!

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