Finger Foods with Christmas Colors クリスマスカラーのフィンガーフード

Today, I prepared two kinds of finger foods with red, green and white.  I think these would be fun to have in upcoming holiday season!  One is roasted Brussel sprouts with roasted and marinated beets as well as mozzarella cheese.  Brussel sprout is one of the vegetables which particularly contain Vitamin C!  I love roasted Brussel sprouts!  I used generous amount of Balsamic vinegar when I marinated beets.  I think goat cheese would work well with Brussel sprouts and beets, but when I put them together with a toothpick, I think mozzarella cheese would be easy to handle. 
For the other one, I used cucumbers, low fat cream cheese, and pomegranates.  They look cute, don't they?   Both of the finger foods were very delicious!