Holiday Dinner Party at My Friend's Residence お友達のご自宅でのホリデーディナーパーティ

Yesterday, Kaya who has been my friend for more than 10 years hosted a holiday dinner party at her residence in Manhattan and I prepared food for the party!  I prepared seven dishes for 18 people. 

These are hors d'oeuvres with Belgian Endives.  This time, I put prosciutto, goat cheese, pomegranate, and persimmon.
This is my signature wild rice salad.  It seems that this was the most popular dish this time.  Many ladies gave me many nice compliments about this salad.  There are nine different vegetables, fruits and nuts included here!
This is also my signature food which is the finger food style quiche with green vegetables and tofu.  I used kale, spinach and parsley for this.  It seems that people particularly appreciated about that kale was included here. 
I also prepared gratin with Brussels sprouts and grape tomatoes as well as sautéed swordfish with tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, and parsley.  I bought the swordfish in the green market in the Union Square and many people said it was very fresh and delicious.  Also, everyone said "they look very pretty!  Nice colors!" when they came to the table!
The main dish was seafood paella! I used scallops, squids, and mussels which I bought in the green market in the Union Square, and decorated it with roasted red bell peppers, lemons, and parsley on the top. 
Dinner time!  As for the dessert, I prepared jellied rosehip & hibiscus tea which I introduced before at, and that was popular as well. 
ディナータイム! 最後にデザートとして、以前ブログ(でご紹介したローズヒップとハイビスカスティーのゼリー寄せをお出しし、こちらも好評でした。
This is Kaya (left) and me.  Thank you very much Kaya for giving me a great opportunity to introduce my beauty food to many ladies!
Kaya represents some jewelry designers in New York and she was doing private jewelry sale on this day.  In day time, she displayed the jewelry like these and invited people to the sale.  During the dinner party, everyone enjoyed trying many different jewelry and many women were making multiple purchase!  She will do the sale on the next Sunday as well!