Tilefish アマダイ

I have been very busy this week for my work as a journalist.  I have not been able to implement "Yoshiko's Six Eating Tips for Beauty"( see this week, as I have been out all day every day with sleeping for about four hours each night.  Especially, during the time I was covering the National Retail Federation's Convention, I was eating donuts and sandwiches there as those were only food available when I had very little time to eat.  As a result, I gained weight!  OMG!  That made me realize how my method has been important for me to maintain my weight!  From today, I went back to my style of eating!

This morning, in the local green market, tilefishes looked very fresh, therefore I bought a piece.  Tilefish is known to contain relatively good amount of protein as well as Vitamin B-12.  According to this article,, Vitamin B-12 helps maintain a healthy digestive system!  That is what I especially need right now!  This article also stated that Vitamin B-12 is essential for healthy skin, hair, and nails.
This is the dish I prepared!  I first seasoned the tilefish with salt and pepper.  I then sautéed sliced almonds and garlics with butter.  I added the tilefish in the frying pan and put the almonds and garlic on the top of the fish.  I then put red and yellow grape tomatoes and Brussels sprouts on the sides of the fish, and added olive oil, salt, pepper and then roasted them in the oven.
I think this looks very pretty, but chopped parsley can be added like this as well.  Almonds are rich in Vitamin E which has very strong antioxidant power, therefore I have been trying to eat almonds.  These crunchy almonds sautéed with butter and then roasted, were really good combination with the tilefish!