My Cooking Class in June 6月のお料理教室

Hello, everyone!  It has been hot these past days!  I had my cooking class three days in a row from Sunday through Tuesday!  I really appreciate for the people who attended.  I received lots of positive comments such as "this gazpacho is exquisite!" "I made the gazpacho again after I came home.  When I woke up in the next morning, I felt really good and healthy!"  "I was going to take pictures and post in my Facebook but I was so excited to eat the foods and I totally forgot to take pictures!"  'I have not eaten this kind of pasta but it was delicious and even I can make this!" 

The first two days, I did the classes in the NY Mama Salon (  This time, tomatoes were very important in the three of the four dishes, therefore, I bought fresh tomatoes in the green market in Union Square and then brought them to the NY Mama Salon! The weight of the tomatoes was little less than 13 pounds!  They were so heavy!  But I wanted to use perfect tomatoes in terms of the color, size, and ripening condition, and I was happy about that I was able to get what I wanted!
In the market, I also found fresh cucumbers which looked very similar to Japanese cucumbers!  I bought some of these, too.  They were very delicious!
In NY Mama Salon, the participants were mostly working women on Sunday and mostly mothers with small children on Monday. 

Naoko who is the founder of the NY Mama Salon took this cute short movie of my class!  Please check this out!  Thank you very much, Naoko san!

The star of June class was live lobsters!  In each class, everyone was very excited when I showed the live lobsters!
I asked people to participate in the process time to time.  I think that is a fun part of my class, too!

These are the foods!  They look quite pretty, don't they?
The lunch time is always fun!  The chatting never stops!
For tea time, I introduced the "Beauty Skin Tonic" which was the blend of hibiscus, rosehip, and some berries from Physical Graffitea ( in East Village. 
お茶の時間には、イーストビレッジのフィジカルグラフィティー (のハイビスカスやローズヒップ、いくつかのベリーをブレンドした「ビューティスキントニック」をご紹介させていただきました。
On Tuesday, I did my cooking class at NY Shikibu-kai for the first time! 
My favorite prosciutto and mozzarella cheese were very well received!
Everyone enjoyed participating in cooking as well as chatting during the class.

Gazpacho is done!  I learned how to make this soup from my Spanish friend more than 20 years ago!
Lunch time!  The lady who sits in the center is Rie who is the founder of NY Shikibu-kai.  Thank you very much, Rie san!  You could see another report at Shikibu-kai's blog at
ランチタイム!真ん中に座っていらっしゃる女性が、NY式部会を主宰されている理恵さんです。理恵さん、ありがとうございました!式部会のブログでもレポートが掲載されています。是非 をご覧くださいね!


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