Wild Spinach (Lambs Quarter) ワイルドスピナッチ(ラムズクォーター)

Hello, everyone!  Have you eaten wild spinach which is also known as lambs quarter?  The other day, I saw them in the green market in the Union Square.  They are not available in my local green market and I thought they look interesting, therefore I bought a bunch.  I also liked that there were inexpensive!
To be honest with you, that was about 10 days ago, and I did not have an opportunity to use them.  I checked them this weekend and they were still in pretty good condition!  I guess they last for quite some time.  This morning, I used generous amount of them for an open omelet. 
I mixed onion, yukan gold potato as well as cheese.  This turned to be quite good!
According to this article, wild spinach contains substantially more nutrients than cultivated spinach and it is high in vitamin C and also an excellent source of vitamin A, potassium, vitamin E and B-6.  To me, both the taste and the look are quite different from regular spinach.  It is difficult for me to describe the taste, but I feel it is earthier than regular spinach and it is not bitter at all.  The deep green color also makes me feel that they have vital energy.  In any case, wild spinach are rich in many nutrients which are beneficial for skin.  If I see them again, I would like to try them again. 

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