Water Kimchi 水キムチ

Hello, everyone! It was a beautiful day today and it seems that nice weather will continue to until Monday at least!  That's good as my next cooking class will be on Monday!  Since last Saturday, daikon with leaves have been available in the local green market!  This makes me very happy!
I bought an Asian pear last week as well.  Autumn has come!
I also bought some carrots and then prepared water kimchi with them.  One to two days after I made it, I tasted them and it did not meet my expectation.  I then got very busy and I even forgot about the water kimchi I made.  Today, I realized that I still had the water kimchi and tasted them again.  It was so good!  I added some daikon leaves as well because daikon leaves are rich in Vitamin C, A and iron.  I think it looks pretty by adding nice green color.  The vegetables were good, but the soup was really tasty.  Regarding the benefits we can get from kimchi for skin, please check my past article

29日のYOSHIKOlicious Beauty Cooking Classにお申し込みくださいました皆様、ありがとうございます!