Kimchi キムチ

Earlier this week, I was lucky to receive homemade kimchi from my friend, Mei!  Homemade kimchi is the best!  I am usually concerned about the smell of garlic but when I don't have to worry about bothering other people, I would be happy to eat kimchi.  Lactic acid bacteria as well as red chili pepper contained in kimchi are known to be particularly beneficial for skin.  The red chili pepper contains Vitamin A more than any other vegetable.  According to this article,, Vitamin A helps the skin rebuild tissues and it is also a great anti-aging nutrient.  Tonight, I prepared nabe or hot pot dish with kimchi as well as clams which contain zinc and tofu which contains isofurabon. 
The other day, I added kimchi to soupy rice with miso and that was good, too.  I put hard boiled eggs on the top in order to add bright color.
I also included kimchi to okonomiyaki or Japanese pancake.  I put chopped konnyaku or Japanese jelly-like food made from a konnyaku yam as well as some pieces of pork and that was very tasty!  Now, I spent all the kimchi.  Too bad!